DIC registration and certificate for MSME registration

Thursday, November 22, 2018

DIC registration for your company

DIC registration for your company located all over India for All Manufacturer and Service providers.

We provide registration for your company with MSME's.  As proprietor, partnership, private limited, Public limited, Limited liabilities partnership, etc.

MSME registration is for getting benefits in Tenders, Loans, reimbursement in the exhibition, barcode expenses.
Getting register with Import export license to get EPCG registration, FIEO, Chemical, etc.
Eligibility those who are citizen of India, who avail pan card. Individuals, partners, Pvt Ltd, Ltd, LLP companies who are engaged in manufacturing or service providers, professional or Institutes, etc..
Our service
  • MSME Registration 

  • DIC registration

  • Import Export Code Number IECode

  • ISO certification like 9001, 18001, 22001, etc..

  • Trademark registration

  • CE Marking.

Above registration will be registered under MSMED Act 2006.
Who can register ?
Architect, Civil E& construction engineer, Electrical Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Laboratory Equipment manufacturer, Cold Storage, Transport company, Fabricators, Event management company, Tour and Travel Agents, Industrial Goods Manufacturer, Textile product manufacturing , Road & Construction company, Housekeeping, Hospitality management services, Catering services, Computer Hardware supplier, Computer Software development company, , Waste Management Services, Human Resource Management Services, Wate Treatment Services, Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal manufacturer, Seal Manufacturing, Entertainment & Media, Production House, Exporters, Importers, etc.
DIC registration India is for MSME units located in India. District Industries Center located in each district. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

DIC Registration India

Manufacturer and service provider has to be register with DIC registration. This is very useful for those to avail benefits from government.

As per MSME Act 2006 ‘Small Scale Industry registration SSI unit/ DIC registration has been amended as per plant & machinery cost Rs. in lacs for Manufacturer & Service Provider. As per New amendment in 2018 year now it will be considered as depending upon turnover for Manufacturer and services provider like

According to the government’s new definition, businesses with revenue of as much as Rs5 crore will be called a micro enterprise, those with sales between Rs5 crore and Rs75 crore will be deemed as small and those with revenue between Rs. 75 crore and Rs250 crore will be classified as medium-sized enterprises.
Advantages of SSI or MSME Registration
Online MSME registration enables the enterprises to claim various benefits offered by the Governments under the MSMED Act. Here are benefits to claim through online SSI registration.
Subsidized Loan Support
The finance can be availed easily based on this registration with lower rate of interest. To aid these financial needs of MSME sector in better way, the Government has profoundly participated to ease the fund raising through registered institutions such as SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India) and State Financial Corporations. Government also extends the financial assistance to MSME in form of Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (launched in April, 2015). Micro Units Development & Refinance Agency Limited (MUDRA) is set up with for refinancing activities relating to micro units. Read details at MUDRA Loan – Financial Assistant to MSME.
Rebate on Trademark Application
The Businesses which has obtained the MSME Registration certificate can get 50% rebate of the Government Fees during the registration of trademark. The Government fee prescribed for the partnership firms, LLPs and Companies etc. is Rs 9000/- for online Trademark Registration Application. In given case, said entity can get itself registered under the Act and claim rebate based on the MSME certificate.
Repayment Period
With the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax laws the existence of the micro, small and medium enterprises is formalized through their registration.  The said formalization has adversely affected the cash flow that led to difficulties in repayment of the obligations. Reserve Bank of India, the Apex bank has liberalized the criteria of the asset classification for MSME enterprises registered under GST as on 31st Jan 2018. If the amount payable to banks or other financial institutions are overdue for a period not exceeding 180 days, it is classified as Standard Assets by the banks. Being said, to get benefited by above condition, the said enterprise shall also be accounted as Standard Assets as on 31st day of August, 2017.
Other benefits and Schemes
  • The registered entity can get protection against the delayed payments from the buyers and the buyers are also liable to make payment on time.
  • The MSME enterprises may manufacture any product. However, there is a list of 20 items, which are reserved exclusively for this sector of enterprises.
  • A separate Council ‘Micro and Small Enterprises Facilitation Council’ is established for timely resolution of disputes with the consumers
  • Market Development Assistance for MSME’s
  • Upgradation support in the technology and Quality support for the MSME
  • Online sanction of loans is also planned through Trade Electronic Receivable Discounting System (TReDS) platform
  • Subsidies from government for small business for cold chain
  • Tariff subsidies on Power, Excise exemption and regulations, Subsidy on Capital investment, and several other advantages and benefits.Services provided in
  • Our services for DIC registration is for Information technology, IT units, computer software development, auto ancillary companies located in Mumbai, Thane, Pune and various locations and district in Maharashtra state.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

DIC certificate & registration

DIC registration is for those who are engaged in manufacturing, service provider, Located in India all districts. 

Using this certificate you can avail benefits in subsidies, loans, reimbursement , trademark registration, ISO certifications, government tenders EMD waiver, EPCG registration.

MSME registrationIECode numberISO 9001OHSAS, certifications will be provider for all entrepreneurs who are engaged in businesses or doing startups of their businesses.

यहाँ पंजीकरण के तहत आपको सर्कार के तरफ से फायदा मिलता है जैसे लोन्स, सब्सीडीएस, टेंडर्स में सिक्योरिटी डिपाजिट का न देना,.
हम पंजीकरण एवं आयत निर्यात का नंबर के लिए सलाह सूचन करते है.

Locations all over India like Mumbai, Thane, Raigadh, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Solapur

Monday, January 29, 2018

DIC registration for IT unit in Maharashtra

For IT Unit to avail Electricity subsidy every IT unit has to be registered with DIC certificate so they can avail less electricity bill.

In India to register business all entrepreneurs and businesses can register their business in MSME department.

Which will helpful to get loans, subsidies, to startup business, and many more..

MSME Registration is for new as well as exiting business like Manufacturer, exporter, trader, supplier, wholesalers, service providers like contractors, for electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Housekeeping,  educational institutes, agriculture, chemical, textile industries.

Those who wants to participate in Government Tenders or Public Sector Unit Tenders they must avail this certification to get more benefits for Tender fees, EMD exemption, Priority, etc..

Also you may get certificate for Import Export Number means IEC Code, ISO certification, Gumasta,  to get starter the business.

We provide services in all over India all districts and starts.

Monday, November 13, 2017

DIC registration consultant Mumbai

I want to register my company in MSME.
Those who are manufacturer or service provider are eligible to get registered in MSME.

Following manufacturer like
Electrical equipments, machineries
Wire manufacturer
Electrical contractors
Crane manufacturer
Industrial Machinery & equipment manufacture
Textile machinery manufacturer
Textile spare parts manufacturer
Readymade garment manufacturer
Garment and apperals manufacturer
Cloth manufacturer
Electronic product manufacturer
Textile machinery and equipments.
Pharmaceutical machinery and equipments.
Medicine, ayurvedic product manufacturer
Medicines and disposables manufacturer
Plastic machinery and equipment
Plastic extrusion machinery
Plastic moulding machinery
Food and beverages manufacturer
Packed food manufacturer
Agriculture products manufacturer
Pulses & cereals products.
Dal mill
Food processing unit
Dairy product
Dairy machinery manufacture
Laboratory equipments

Medicine equipment
Orthopedic equipments
Wooden furniture manufacture
Metal furniture
Laboratory testing equipments

Service providers
Technical analysis laboratory equipments
Civil contractor
Civil and construction contractor
Construction machinery
Transport and logistics services
Passenger transport
Goods transports
Goods logistics
Electrical products equipment repair and installation
Installing and repair maintenance of machinery and equipment
Computer hardware supplier
Computer software
Software developer
Solar roof top installation
Engineering services
Consultancy services provider
Sports good